WOW Fabrics – Blogger Network

I was so thrilled to be invited to join the new blogger network for WOW Fabrics.

I was personally recommended to join the WOW Fabrics blogger network team and did not hesitate to accept. I am also an affiliate member which means I earn a small commission if you choose to buy any of their fabrics!

WOW Fabrics are based in Leicester, England. They are a fabric company offering an in-house state of the art bespoke digital printing service of superb quality. They design and print amazing dressmaking fabrics offering over 16 fabric bases to choose from.

They also offer a bespoke design service so you can send them your own design to be printed on fabric. How amazing is that?

As a blogger and YouTube vlogger, I love nothing more than to write and video about my dressmaking projects. So for my first WOW Fabrics blog post, I chose the S213 PAISLEY PATCHWORK PRINT from the vintage section. The base fabric I chose was the Spun Polyester which has a look and feel of cotton. No shrinkage and no ironing needed! Win win!


I wasn’t sure what sewing pattern I was going to make with it as I wanted to see how the drape and texture were first. It arrived within days of me ordering, they are really quick with your fabric orders!

I ordered 2.5mtrs which I knew would be more than ample for my sewing project. As soon as I opened the package I knew what I was going to sew with it. I chose the Tilly and the Buttons Indigo Dress.

I had made this pattern a few months ago using a viscose fabric. It was such a lovely sewing project I knew I would be making it again!

Although the recommended fabrics for the pattern are woven and the paisley fabric was knit, I was taking a bit of a risk. But if you don’t try then you will never know. I always wondered what would happen if you used a non- recommended fabric and how they would turn out!

So I thought I would go ‘rogue’ and try it. I simply changed my usual sewing machine foot to the walking foot and changed to a stretch ballpoint needle. Also using the ‘lightning’ stitch on my machine for the extra stretch in the stitches.

Fabric Properties

The fabric properties of woven are very different to knit, and you need to be aware of this when choosing your sewing project.

You may need to omit things like darts and pockets as they can hang differently on jersey fabric. Also changing the sewing machine settings too.

So long as you take this into account when making your garment and adjust as needed you should be fine. The drape and soft feel of the fabric gave me the confidence to plough on!

It worked out absolutely fine and I am so glad I was brave enough to try it. I did omit the pockets in the end as I didn’t want them to drag the sides of the dress down but in hindsight, I think they would have been ok. I do love pockets in my outfits, so next time I will put them in.

After a lovely sewing afternoon, I finished my dress. I chose size 4 and it fits like a dream.


Vintage Muted Shades

I love all the vintage muted colours on this fabric and I knew they would work so well with my wardrobe accessories. I love to layer my outfits during the colder months. I like to show off my dressmaking and not hide it underneath coats and jackets. I’ve added a black long sleeve roll neck underneath for added warmth.

I went for the straight sleeves option without the frill detail on the skirt waist. I wanted the fabric to be the showcase on this dress. It certainly has done that!


Can you see the frost on the summerhouse roof behind me!


Add Your Own Style

I always like to add my own unique style to my outfits …. so I’ve added my crochet shoulder snugs for extra warmth. I love both looks as the buttermilk and the black versions complement the dress so well.


I have even added two snugs here, I’m liking the look!


What Will I choose Next?

I really love this fabric and the drape is gorgeous. I can’t wait for my next blog post for January 2020! Not sure what fabric I’m going to choose yet. You can choose from printed or plain. The printed selection ranges all the way from Abstract to Tropical and everything in between! That’s the hardest part as all the designs are lush!


This was my last sewing make for 2019 so I’m really pleased that I’m finishing the year on this project!

Thank you WOW Fabrics for having me on your blogger team! Heres to lots more fabulous dressmaking projects for 2020!


Loopy Mabel