The Betty Blouse – Easy Sewing Pattern Review

Betty Blouse

What is the Betty Blouse you may ask?

The Betty Blouse Sewing Pattern is a fabulous blouse sewing pattern by Simply Sewing Magazine. Ideal for beginner dressmakers and also just a lovely easy sewing project.

It was published in The Simply Sewing Magazine, Issue 19, 2016 which included 2 free patterns, The Olivia Dress and The Betty Blouse.

I received my copy when I was involved in The Pattern Swap 2019, which was a lovely sewing event that I was taking part in through instagram with the #patternswap19. See my other post on this for more information.

the betty blouse

So Simple To Make

It really is an easy sewing pattern to follow. If you are new to dressmaking or just returning to this wonderful craft, like I am, after several years, then this is a great beginner piece.

Consisting of only 2 pattern pieces, a front and a back. There is no sleeves to insert as the pattern has the sleeves built in. Lovely flutter sleeve design but without adding technical sleeve inserts. The only complicated part that was in the pattern was sewing the pin tucks at the front. But this really wasn’t complicated you just needed to take your time and ensure you got your lines straight.

All the instructions were clearly set out in the pattern on where to add the pin tucks. I used tailors chalk and my quilting ruler to accurately join up the lines for the pin tucks before I began sewing. By doing this it ensured my pin tucks were straight, accurate (most importantly) and really professional looking.

It was a really simple and pleasurable pattern to follow. After you had completed your lovely pretty pintucks down the front, you then went on to sew the front to the back. Once you had neatened any raw edges with either zigzag stitch or overlocker, you then added a hem to your sleeves and the bottom of the blouse.

double fold bias neckline

Finishing with adding a lovely bias binding touch to the next line which completed the look. I used a ditsy floral ready made bias tape which you can find here.

Check out my other blog post on bias bindings here.

How simple was that? I made my Betty Blouse in just under 2 hours from start to finish.

betty blouse bias neckline
Betty Blouse

Will I Make It Again?

Most definitely, it was such a pleasure to make and didn’t take up too much time, or didn’t use up much fabric either. Now that I have traced the pattern out for my size, it’s ready for me to make again. I made size 16 UK or (size 12 US) and it was a perfect fit for me.

I used this cotton fabric by Moda Fabrics, called ‘Windermere’. It is such an old fashioned ditsy floral print that I knew would be perfect for this pattern. You can get lots of pretty floral print fabrics here at great prices.

the betty blouse pattern

Would I Do Anything Different?

The only thing I would do differently when I make my next Betty Blouse is lengthen it slightly by a few inches. I do prefer to wear my blouses and tops that sit below the hip line. My blouse came to just above the hips, I may have a longer body shape, so I will add a few inches to the hem area. But apart from the length I wouldn’t change a thing.

A Lovely Staple Blouse For Your Everyday Wardrobe

It is such a great staple piece to add to your wardrobe. Depending on what fabric you choose you can wear it all year round. I am going to make my next one using a slightly heavier linen fabric and plan to wear during the colder months with a long sleeve top underneath. Then after that I have some ditsy floral cotton that I plan to use. To be fair the choice of fabrics for this blouse is endless. I can’t wait to get sewing another one.

I have uploaded a YouTube Vlog for you to watch where I am chatting about The Betty Blouse and making this wonderful sewing pattern. Join me for a cosy sewing chat.

Should You Make One Too?

Yes you most definitely should. Super simple but just so pretty and you will not stop at one I promise. Ideal if you’re new to dressmaking and don’t want to tackle anything too daunting.

Where Can I Buy A Copy?

That’s the only down side really. It’s now sold out on the Simply Sewing Magazine website. But if you go on the Internet and search the Betty Blouse Sewing Pattern, you can still find copies available. Another brilliant way of maybe getting the pattern is using the #bettyblouse on Instagram. You can post a request on Instagram to see if anybody would kindly swap the pattern or donate it to you. I have done this a few times and always found somebody who has finished with a pattern that they don’t need any more.

If you do manage to get hold of the copy I do hope you enjoy making the Betty Blouse Sewing Pattern and don’t forget to tag me in on Instagram @loopymabel with your pictures.

Happy dressmaking


Loopy Mabel