Sewing With Scuba Fabric – My Coco Dress

I chose pretty gingham

Sewing with Scuba fabric.

I love trying out new fabrics and especially fabrics that have different characteristics and qualities.

So, when I chose this pretty gingham Scuba from Minerva I was so looking forward to working with it.

Never having sewn with it before I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I only knew that it was gingham and pink which in my book is a win-win. I have just finished another pink make, my Ida blouse beauty here!


So What Is Scuba?

Well, it is similar in weight to Ponte Roma jersey fabric which you can get from Minerva and is perfect for making garments that need structure.

Scuba fabric was originally designed for wetsuits and scuba diving outfits. But thankfully it’s a popular dressmaking fabric now too!

So, when I ordered it I was thinking it may be a little bit spongy and fairly stiff and really was not sure what to expect.

Well, I was so wrong there.  What an unusual fabric it is. It’s like something I’ve never worked with before. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least.  It’s got a lovely smooth, flexible and soft feel to it.  It is quite thick with a lot of structure too. 


Tilly and the Buttons ‘Coco’ Dress

I am sure that my Coco dress would stand up on its own! It is also so comfortable to wear and doesn’t crease or lose its shape.  It also launders really well and needs very little ironing! 

I probably wouldn’t use it to make a T-shirt as it is a little too structured for that but definitely great for sweatshirt dresses, etc. 


It’s a great stable fabric

It has some stretch to it like a jersey fabric but also the stability you get with woven fabrics.  It’s also brilliant to sew with.  When it came to cutting the pattern out, my rotary cutter just slid through like cutting through butter. There was no slip-sliding either on my cutting table which you can find with some fabrics.  My sewing machine loved working with this fabric and so did my overlocker.


I chose the Coco dress for two reasons.  One it recommended a stable stretch fabric and two I had never made the Coco dress before.  Oh, and three, I love the cowl neck on this pattern!

Super Easy Sewing Pattern

It’s a super easy sewing pattern and I made it in no time at all.  It’s a great starter pattern too if you are new to dressmaking.  There is nothing too daunting or technical and the instructions are super easy.

There are a few options you can choose with the sleeves and neckline.  I chose the full-length sleeves with the added cuffs and the cowl neckline.  I do love a garment with neck detailing especially cowl or high neck. 

Watch my vlog

I have uploaded a vlog on this great sewing pattern using the scuba fabric. You can see in more detail what I did with the dress and the options I chose. Come and join me on my channel and subscribe if you are not a subscriber already.

I will definitely be making this pattern again and probably in another scuba fabric from Minerva.  They have so many to choose from but I fancy a floral next time. It’s just a great heavyweight stretch fabric that just has a great drape. It’s not only got stability but it’s just a dream to work with.


The only thing missing on this pattern, in my opinion, is pockets, so I will add some on my next make.  I am not sure whether they will be patch pockets stitched on the front or inseam pockets.  That is the beauty of dressmaking as you can adapt sewing patterns to suit you.

I will definitely be sewing with scuba fabric again! It was a great sewing experience and the choice is endless. Florals, checks or solids that’s the hardest part choosing which one!

Thanks for joining me today, and happy sewing!