Rhapsody Blouse – Love Notions Patterns


I have always loved the sewing patterns from Love Notions and I have got quite a few in my collection now. I almost bought the pattern a few months ago but I can’t remember why I didn’t.

Rhapsody Blouse

Well I am so glad I waited as The Rhapsody had been updated and re-tested in April 2020 to include a dress view and to use the current Love Notions block that includes sizes XS-5X.

The pattern included 9 sleeve options, a dress version, and full bust options too. You always get so much choice and endless options with Love Notions patterns.


I was chatting to my sewing friend Kris from Sew Notes, we met through Instagram and have so much in common in our sewing styles. Although we have never met in person, she lives in Manitoba, Canada, and is over 3500 miles away from me here in England, we chat all the time.

Sewing Collaboration

We both bought the Rhapsody Blouse pattern in the same week of the re-release and decided it would be good to do a sewing collaboration and make this pretty blouse.

YouTube Channels

We both have YouTube channels, where we vlog about our dressmaking projects. So we thought why not share what we both make with the Rhapsody Blouse in our vlogs.

To spice it up and add a bit of fun we didn’t tell each other what fabrics or which view we were making, but we predicted beforehand what we thought each other would make.

So we had to wait until both our vlogs were uploaded on our channels to see if our predictions were correct.

Sew Notes – Kris

Kris’ Fabulous Floral Rhapsody Dress

I predicted that kris would use a floral print with the flutter sleeves and the tie option in the blouse. I almost chose the dress style but changed my mind.

If I hadn’t done that my prediction would have been exactly what Kris made. I got the fabric, ties and the sleeves correct so I was almost there.

Kris’ predictions for my blouse was also nearly spot on. How amazing is that? We both seemed to know what we both like in styles and fabrics.


I did throw a spanner in the works for my blouse, as I upcycled a dress and used the fabric from this. It worked out so well and I love the contrast fabric I used on the cuffs and yoke detail. There was no way Kris could have predicted the fabric on this one, although it was kind of floral (which is what she thought it would be).


Sewing Fun

We had so much fun doing this collaboration that we are now going to work with each other on a monthly basis.

Future Sewing Collabs

We both love the Burda Style Magazine and both have a monthly subscription.

So we came up with continuing on the same theme as before but choosing a pattern each month from the magazine. Only revealing what we both chose on our vlogs!


Burda Style Sewing Magazine

So much fun is going to be had, and I am so excited about this project. It’s also a great way of motivating me to make a Burda pattern each month!

If you haven’t already subscribed to mine or Kris’ Youtube channel and you want to follow along with our sewing collaboration we would love for you to subscribe to our channels.

Kris’ YouTube Channel

Kris can be found on her lovely YouTube channel called Sewnotes and you can see her beautiful floral Rhapsody dress. It’s just stunning. The fabric she used was from her online fabric shop Willow Tree Fabrics.

Lots more sewing coming your way, so stay tuned.

Happy sewing!


Loopy Mabel