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  • Jersey Sewing Machine Needles

    Jersey Sewing Machine Needles 70-90/10-14


    Sewing with jersey or knit fabrics such as ponte, scuba, sweatshirt or french terry. Then these jersey sewing machine needles

    70-10/90-14 are the perfect choice needles for your sewing project.

    Prym Jersey 70-10/90-14

    Suitable for knitted, double or viscose jerseys and fabrics such as ponte roma, scuba and any fabric with stretch that are knitted rather than woven.  The needles have a ball point tip which is rounded and designed to go between the fibres.  Thus preventing the fabrics from being damaged during sewing.

    The pack comes with 5 needles.

    We also have Jeans Sewing Machine Needles 90/14 if you are working with jean, canvas or densely woven fabrics.

  • Jeans Sewing Machine Needles

    Jeans Sewing Machine Needles 90/14


    Prym Jeans 90/14

    Suitable for densely woven materials and fabrics such as denim/jeans, canvas, corduroy and also artificial leather, bed spreads, waxed cloth and vinyl.

    The pack comes with 5 needles.