Pretty Buttons and Happy Memories

I loved playing with my Nana’s old button tin


Pretty buttons and happy memories. These are one and the same for me. I have always loved buttons since I was a child. I remember fondly playing with my Nana’s old button tin when I used to visit her and my grandad.

Its the first thing I did after I said hello, was to take the button box out of my Nana’s cupboard and play with them.

My Nana had all sorts of pretty buttons in that box ranging from wooden buttons from my grandad’s cardigan to beautiful mother-of-pearl buttons. They ranged in size from super tiny pearl buttons to large chunky coat buttons.

I was totally in love with this button tin and transfixed with all the buttons that she had. She even had beautiful Diamanti buckles and brooches that she used to put on her hats and coats.

Since then I have just loved looking and playing with buttons. Over the last 40 years collecting and buying old buttons. In fact, I have quite a personal collection now.

Vintage Button Tin

I often still take my button tin out and just look in wonderment at the buttons I have collected. If I see a lonely button on the ground I will stop and pick it up. Regardless if it is old or not. I just can’t leave a button unloved on the ground. I do hope that I am not the only one with this (ahem) problem!

My 3-year-old granddaughter loves to look at them too, so hopefully, she will be like me when she’s older. My 30-year-old daughter sadly has no interest in them at all …. LOL. She can’t even sew a button on! I mean PLEASE!

My lovely sewing friend Rosy ( Rosy Sews Modern Vintage on YouTube) knew how much I liked buttons and she sent some handmade Liberty print ones. She used her scrap fabrics to make them for me! It was so lovely to open my little envelope to find these!

Liberty Print Fabric Covered Buttons

How lovely is that? Rosy and I met through our love of dressmaking and making our own handmade wardrobe but with a vintage style. We are both quite different in our styles but both love anything with a vintage twist. She is very inspired by the 40’s and 50’s and her outfits are amazing.

Sewing Friends

We are now great sewing friends and she just sent me these pretty buttons in the post one day! Obviously I am going to attach them to one of my next sewing projects. I haven’t decided which yet but when I do I will always be reminded of Rosy when I wear it and look down on those buttons.

Mismatch Buttons …. sew pretty!

These are the second set of buttons Rosy has sent me …. the first set I stitched to my Bloomsbury Blouse. I made this pattern by Nina Lee in September and I always think of Rosy now when I wear it! Can you see the 5 buttons? I love how mismatch but so perfect they were for this fabric!

Heres a close up of them stitched on the back.

Obviously I had to add some pretty buttons to my online shop as I know lots of like-minded people have the same love for buttons like me.

Pretty Wooden Ditsy Floral Buttons

I have found the prettiest wooden ditsy floral buttons that look amazing sewn onto cardigans and jumpers. I think they would make great additions to your dressmaking projects too. Especially the 15mm size. Can you imagine one or two stitched to the back of a blouse opening! Or added to the cuffs of a dress!


Mother Of Pearl Buttons

The selection Mother of Pearl buttons I have listed is just so pretty too. Mind you I would say every button is pretty LOL!

They come in 5 colorways. Cerise, Turquoise, Mauve, Brown, and Natural. I love them all and I think they are just perfect to mix and match and coordinate with lots of other colours. I love the shiny pearlised front and equally the rustic textured back. Although they are not a natural Mother of Pearl they are still so deliciously pretty.

I hope you enjoyed my button ramblings and slight obsession!

I will be adding more buttons to my shop and lots of other haberdashery items too.

Happy sewing and crochet!