Pattern Testing


Are You Interested In Joining My Pattern Testing Pool?

If you have been following me on my Instagram account and YouTube Channel, you will know how my dressmaking journey has evolved over the last 24 months. I have found a new love of designing and drafting my own sewing patterns.

I have received so many compliments and requests for my designs to be published into sewing patterns so you can create them too.

So I have been working away over the last few months on creating lots of new designs.

Testing each pattern is a crucial way of ensuring my patterns are as best they can be before I publish them into the sewing world.

Testers often point out inconsistencies I’ve missed or errors in the instructions and also help with any fit or styling issues too.

So I would love to create a Pattern Testing Pool to help in the testing my PDF sewing patterns. They will cover a size-inclusive range of sizes 4 – 24.

Please read through the following questions before applying below.  I look forward to working with you!!

What Is A PDF Pattern?

A PDF pattern is a pattern that you can print at home on a home printer usually in A4 size or as AO large format to print at a copy shop.

If you print it at home, it does require assembly by trimming and pasting A4 sheets of paper together to form the pattern.  If you print it at the copy shop there will be a small cost but does not require assembly.

Does It Have To Be In PDF Format?

At this stage, all tester patterns will be delivered to you in digital pdf format. You won’t necessarily need your own printer though as you will receive both the A0 Print Shop file and the A4/Letter Print-at-Home file.  All digital files now come with layers as well.
Which means you only need to print out the version and size you want to make, saving you a heap of paper and time.

What Do I Get In Return For Being A Pattern Tester?

If you complete the pattern test, you will receive a free FINAL pdf version of the pattern.  If you have a blog, and allow us to share photos online of the tester garment, this is great publicity for your blog too.  I will also be eternally grateful for your help! 

What Skill Level Do I Need To Be A Pattern Tester For Loopy Mabel’s Closet?

I am looking for testers from all different sewing skill levels.  Not all levels will be appropriate for all tests, however.  I will contact you when we have the appropriate testing opportunity for your sewing level.  This also allows everyone a chance to participate at different times.

Can I Make Any Changes To The Pattern During Testing?

I do ask that you DO NOT make modifications to the style of the pattern (i.e. pattern hacks) during the testing phase.  It is important that you keep to the original style of the pattern and sew it ‘as is’.  

I will allow for adjustments for fit including grading between sizes and/or lengthening/shortening of your garment to accommodate for height differences.

What If I Fall In-between Sizes?

No problem, simply choose the sizing that is closest to your bust size. You can then grade between sizes for your waist and hip as necessary to customise your fit.  When you provide feedback you can advise how you graded between sizes, if at all.  I do however, require that you fit ‘within’ the size range at Loopy Mabel’s Closet.  You can check this by reviewing the size chart below.

How Will I Know If I Am Chosen?

I will send you an email acknowledging your application and as soon as I have a testing opportunity that is appropriate for your sewing level, I will contact you.  If the timing is right, and you choose to participate, I will send you a digital copy of the pattern and instructions, so that you can get started.

How Long Will I Have To Sew The Pattern & Provide Feedback?

The ‘pattern testing call-out’ will last approximately 2-3 weeks.  During this time period, I ask that you sew the garment and provide feedback about the pattern and the instructions.  I will then send out a link to a questionnaire/survey and ask that you fill this out after you have completed the pattern.  This will make it quick and easy to provide any feedback. Please only accept the ‘pattern testing call-out’ if you are confident that you will be able to complete the test within the allotted time.

Do I Need To Use My Own Supplies?

You do yes.  You will need use your own fabric and notions for the pattern testing.  I will provide you with the pattern.   At the end of the testing you will have a lovely garment that is yours to enjoy wearing.  You will, however, need to use a fabric type that is suggested in the pattern’s recommended fabrics list (i.e. similar weight, similar body, similar amount of stretch, etc).

How Often Will I Be Required To Test Patterns?

Obviously, I will only be requiring testers when I have a new pattern to publish. I will send an email call-out each time to the Pattern Testing Pool Subscribers, and you can decide if its something that you would like to participate in or not. You will always remain on the Pattern Testing Pool Subscribers List, unless you wish to unsubscribe at any time.

Will I Get Paid For Pattern Testing?

I am unable to provide any payment for the pattern testing unfortunately. However, once all the feedback has been collated and changes made, you will receive a final copy of the updated digital PDF pattern as my way of thank you.

What If I Need Help During The Testing Process?

You can email me or send me a private message through my Instagram account, whichever way of communication you prefer. I would love for you to follow me here!

There will also be a private Facebook group available during the 2-3 week ‘pattern testing’ period.  This will allow you to connect with me, and other testers (in the case of the Facebook group), during the testing period.

Can I Post Pictures Of My Make?

Yes, you can, I would love you to share and publish photos of your garment, AFTER THE RELEASE DATE, but there is no obligation to do this.  If you do, simply use the #thedressmakerscloset so I can see your garment too!

If I Sign Up How Will My Email Address Be Used?

Your email address will specifically go onto my ‘pattern testers’ database, and you’ll only ever get an email from me if it’s about pattern testing (unless you’d like other emails of course!). You can subscribe to my newsletter here! I will never allow your email address to be used for spam, so please don’t you worry.

How Do I Apply To Join The Testing Pool?

Simply fill out the application below, it should only take a few minutes to complete.  I so look forward to hearing from you!