Patchwork Quilt Updates

So I’m still plodding through my pile of hexie’s, and am so loving doing some hand sewing every day.  I have stitched all of my flowers together so I am now left with the plain in-between hexie’s to finish.  

I’m not looking as forward to making them as the fabric is very plain and nowhere near as pretty as the floral pieces.  But needs must and they need to be done.  I’ve been kindly advised by one of my YouTube subscribers that I need approximately 1200 plain hexies for the interlinking so I will keep going for a few more days until they are done.  So far I have amassed 700, so only another 500 to go, which may seem a lot but I am averaging 100 a night, so its not too bad.

I’ve been laying out some of the completed flowers to see how they are looking and deciding on what order to put each one.  I am hoping to not have a similar flower next to each other but we shall see.

They do look really good laid out so far, don’t you think?  I cannot wait till it’s finished and on my bed but that’s a few months (or even many months LOL) away yet.

I just love looking at the cute hexie’s and seeing them put together into a flower.  So far I have managed to make over 130 flowers.  

I have been uploading regular patchwork episodes on my YouTube channel if you want to see how much I have acheived.

I will keep you all posted!


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